Advertising rates line

Advertising rates and ad sizes (in inches) are as follows (GST is extra):

Full Page (7w x 9.5h) $540.00
2/3 Page
Vertical (4.65w x 9.1h)
Horizontal (7w x 6.05h)
1/2 Page
Vertical (4.65w x 6.8h)
Horizontal (7w x 4.5h)
1/3 Page
Square (4.65w x 4.5h)
Vertical (2.25w x 9.1h)
Horizontal (7w x 2.95h
1/4 Page
Vertical (3.45w x 4.5h)
Horizontal banner (7w x 2.2h)
Horizontal (4.65w x 3.35h)
1/6 Page
Vertical (2.25x 4.5h)
Horizontal (4.65 x 2.2h)
Business Card (3.5 x 2) $75.00
Commercial Classifieds $16.00/4 line minimum
Back Page Listing; $96.00/year
Layout Charges - 1st quarter hour included in ad charge $60.00/hour

There is a 10% or 15% discount for a consecutive three- or six-month commitment. Discounts on longer commitments are negotiable.

Any layout charges beyond the first 1/4 hour may be waived depending on the length of advertising commitment.

For new customers, payment must accompany ad. Once a customer is established with the High Country News, invoices for current advertising must be paid prior to the next issue's publication.

Visa, Mastercard & Amex accepted.